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Power Lines An Independent Feature FIlm

A bit about me and background of the story

I was born into the midst of a political land conflict created by corporate interests to access coal beneath my family’s homelands on Black Mesa, AZ.
In 1974 U.S. Congress passed PL93-531, also known as the “Relocation Act,” forcing more than 20,000 Diné (Navajo) from our homelands.

For 20 years I toured internationally with the award winning band Blackfire, a political punk-rock group that I founded with my brother and sister.
We started Blackfire as a creative means to transform our own anger that came from witnessing our family being torn apart by forced relocation. We used music as a tool for social change. I see this film as an extension of that work.

As a volunteer with Indigenous Action Media since 2001, I’ve directed political documentaries including the award winning feature documentary “The Snowbowl Effect.” I’ve also produced short narrative films, music videos, and mentored with Outta Your Backpack Media, an Indigenous youth project I helped found in 2004 and continue to volunteer with today. In all I’ve helped produce more than 60 short films through OYBM.

More about the story concept:

I began working on the concept for Power Lines in 2008 after it became clear to me that the impacts forced relocation on Indigenous youth were not being widely addressed. I felt that a fictional narrative would allow me the most creative freedom to address the issues from a unique perspective. I also believe that the power of fictional narrative can further empower cultures of resistance and liberation.

The script was completed a year ago and has been in a series of revisions with a range of Indigenous activists and storytellers.
This story is ready to be told, now I just need your help in getting it to the screen.

Where you come in:

By contributing to this campaign, not only will you help make this film, but you will be part of a story that I assure will have profound impacts beyond the screen.

Every media project I have been part of, including music, I have ensured to be as resourceful as possible.
After consulting with other filmmakers who maintain the same independent ethic, I have realized that this film can’t be made without paying the cast, crew, feeding everyone, and having enough funds to ensure that the quality of the film will be the best I can possibly offer.

I’ve made documentaries and short films with absolutely no budget before, but in order for this story to be told as effectively as possible, I need your help to raise funds to cover essential costs for a production of this magnitude.

That said, I am seeking $15,000.00 to make the film.

If the fundraising goal is not fully reached, I’ll still do my best to tell the story, it just will be that much better if we reach our goal.
So please take a moment to check out the range of rewards I’m offering and spread the word to your friends and family about our crowdfunding campaign.

Why Crowdfunding:

Crowd – or community – sourcing funds is a way to unchain ourselves from corporate productions that fail to provide any meaningful and critical cinema.
I’ve ran some successful crowdfunding campaigns for other projects (and some not so successful ones), I know how much work there is in getting all the rewards out so I have created some creative rewards that I will be ensuring get out to everyone in a timely manner.
Certainly there are no guarantees in the success of raising funds here, but this format allows for greatest creative control to ensure the story is told with integrity.

The Plan:

I am aiming to start shooting in August. At the moment, the script is written and I have been in pre-production the last couple of months. Securing locations, getting paperwork in order, assembling our crew, and casting will begin soon. The funds raised will go directly and immediately into use for this project.
Power lines will feature a dynamic cast and production crew of Indigenous media makers, including mentors from OYBM.
I also plan to operate our primary production equipment off of solar power.
As a director I will be volunteering my time in production.

If you can’t contribute financially you can still support the film by spreading the word via social media and telling your friends and family.

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